Why does it seem like everyone forgets about Kida, Pocahontas, and Mulan? All 3 of those princesses, though mostly forgotten, were never trying to find love, though they did find it in the end. Kida wanted to help her people/learn more about how to help them. Pocahontas also wanted to help her people and also wanted to stop a war from breaking out. Then Mulan wanted to find out who she really was/wanted to make her father proud of her. Everyone forgets about these wonderful princesses and it’s a shame because their strong, beautiful, and smart; plus they can kick some butt. 

*edit* I made another post, like this one, featuring other princess who didn’t act out of love. The only difference between the new post and this is that, this post features forgotten princess, the other one features princesses who aren’t forgotten and still get used in advertisements/merchandise. http://tobiswife.tumblr.com/post/26793310216/ok-so-because-people-seem-to-really-like-that  theirs the link to it